Voyager Prices 2021 - All prices include VAT where applicable

Haul out and launch in Shed 1 on cradle

Set Charge £1150.00
Storage on cradle in shed 1 £550.00 per week

Use of Dock

Pricing is individually based. The Dock can be used for berthing and for short term refitting and repairs, as required.
Please call to discuss your needs.

Haul out / Re-launch with Hoist

£3.50 per foot each way (min. charge £80.00 per lift)

Inside Storage in Shed 1 & 2

£2.60 per ft. per week in Shed 1 / £2.10 per ft. per week in Shed 2. (Min. 1-week charge)

Outside Storage in Boat Park

£1.00 per ft. per week in Boat Park

Dry out on Slip 1

Vessels up to 35ft Loa £30.00 per day / £180.00 per week
35ft or more £45.00 per day / £270.00 per week

Dry out on Slip 2

Vessels up to 35ft Loa £15.00 per day / £90.00 per week
35ft or more £18.50 per day / £110.00 per week


Pilot safety assistance boat FREE OF CHARGE
Towing and workboat service £35 per hour

Other Charges

Cradle hire (yachts) £9.50 per week
Block off no cradle £50.00 per haul out
Use of poppets, if no cradle £50.00 per haul out
Mast storage £20.00 outside / £1 per foot inside sheds per calendar month
Pressure wash vessel by employee £45 per hour

Hire Equipment

Forklift / Telehandler hire inc. driver £50.00 per hour (min. 30 minutes)
Hoist use around yard £70.00 per move
Empty trailers stored in yard £10.00 per day


Intermittent use on stored boats £5.00 per socket per day
Use Voyager plug adaptors £5.00 per day
Long term use of meter £10.00 per month plugged in + 20p / unit

Work carried out by Voyager Personnel

£25 Hand (min. 1 hour)
£45 Skilled (min. 1 hour)

Residential Charge

£30 per calendar month


Charged to Voyager at 5% levy for outside contractors

*Payment terms: All invoices to be settled before vessels are returned to the water by BACS, cash, card or cheque. Storage invoices to be settled within 28 days of receipt.
Bank details: Voyager Boatyard: Sort code 16-28-19 Account:11248858 Voyager Marine: Sort code: 16-28-19 Account: 11247010
Please provide boat name or invoice number as reference.

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